A busy week!

Class 9 have had a busy week leading up to the Easter holidays. On Tuesday, we participated in the Lancaster Music Festival in the Town Hall. We spent the morning a the Town Hall rehearsing with the other schools and performed brilliantly in the evening! We had a great time and everyone sang superbly.

Then, on Wednesday, we went to Lancaster University with Classes 10 and 11 to take part in ‘Be The Change’. We thought about who leaders are and what makes a good leader. After that, we had a tour of the campus and we were very impressed that it has its own Greggs! We took some ducks with us and took photos of them in unusual places, including in a tree in the library.  Also, we worked as a team to build a tower from spaghetti and tape that could hold a marshmallow.

We are now looking forward to the Easter holidays and hope everyone has a great time.