Extra Curricular Activites

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are offering a reduced timetable of activities in our bubbles with fewer numbers.

In our school, there are a huge range of extra-curricular activities that children can be involved in: sport, drama, art, music, eco-club, reading to name a few.

Anyone is welcome to join, no matter what their ability. Teams are chosen for events from the children who attend clubs: our aim is that every child, regardless of ability, will represent our school at a sporting event before they leave us. This is something we are very proud of and it is lovely to see the pride children take in pulling on the BLS kit.

Summer Clubs 2021

MondayDrama and Acting Y1-2
Eco Club Y3-4
Art ClubY3-4
Tag Rugby Y5-6
TuesdayCricket Y5-6
Art and Craft Club Y5-6
WednesdayArt Club Y1-2
ThursdayMulti Skills Sports Y1-2
Glockenspiels Y1-2
Cricket Y3-4
FridayMusic Club Y5-6


Blackburn Diocese are encouraging people to put a cross in their window starting on Palm Sunday.

“We want to start a little campaign to encourage as many homes as possible to make a cross on Palm Sunday and place it in the window of their home. This will be a sign to those who pass by that in the saving work of Christ there is healing, life and salvation. Initially the cross could be simple and fairly plain, made of paper, card, wood – allow people to be as imaginative as they like. However, when Easter comes some people may like to decorate it with colours, flowers etc as a sign of our trust in the joy of the resurrection.”

Our friends at NISCU have also sent us some Easter themed activity sheets and a short video.

NISCU Assembly

Our friends at NISCU have produced a short video assembly and some worksheets for you to complete at home.

” The theme this week is that Christians believe God is our Rock.  Debbie explains the concept whilst standing on a rock on her one walk of the day (whilst social distancing) and being interrupted by a call from Jonny in a chicken onesie! Under the YouTube assembly are two other links (click show more) – one is an animation of the wise and foolish builders and the other an awesome song by Jonny’s predecessor – Jono!”

Here are the links to the sheets: