Queens Jubilee and Sports Day.

To end our half term we learnt all about the Queens jubilee. Our week was full of exciting activities relating to the event and we learnt a lot about the history of the Queen and the royal family. We also learnt about where she lives and all the different types of transport in London.

In Math’s we continued with discovering teen numbers and used them to playing bingo!

Here are some pictures from our sports day this year. The children had a lovely day, thank you all for coming to support and watch them.

Please ensure that you are reading frequently with your child at home as this has a huge benefit on their learning!

We hope you have had a lovely half term break and are looking forward to starting our new topic of our local area. If you have not yet sent in photographs of your house please do so – we are using them to enhance our learning within school.

The Three Little Pigs

Last week our learning was linked to The three little pigs. We looked at different materials and whether they would be strong enough that the wolf couldn’t blow it down.

We built our own houses using junk modelling, bricks and Lego. We investigated further into colours and created bubble paintings and also had races with different colours using straws to blow the colours. We wrote a description of the Big bad wolf of what he is like compared to other stories he is in. In Math’s we have continued to look at teen numbers and how these can be made. We also had a visit from the dentist to check our teeth!

Traditional Tales.

We hope you have had a lovely holiday. At school we have started our new topic of traditional tales. Rainbows and Sunshines came back to a HUGE beanstalk growing in the classroom!

Thank you for looking after your plant (runner bean) that you nurtured over the holidays. We have continued observing and taking care of them at school. We are going to plant them in the garden at school as they grow even bigger!

In Math’s we have started to focus on teen numbers and how to make teen numbers. As we continue through the summer term we are engaging in lots more writing activities using our phonic knowledge, capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!

In our second week of term we came into a crime scene! Somebody had eaten all the porridge and broken baby bears chair!

Goldilocks game to visit us and she had been to the hair dressers and had her hair done! We asked her lots of questions about why she did what she did.