Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge organisers are for children, and parents, to see what they are going to be learning in the next topic. They have plenty of information, vocabulary and learning opportunities on them. They also give staff a chance to see what children know at the start of a topic and adjust planning accordingly. Why not have a look at your child’s knowledge organiser with them to help them with their learning in school?

Spring Term 2nd half-term 2020

Forces and Forests (Y5/6)

Ancient Egyptians/Rivers (Y3/4)

Explorers (Y1/2)

Spring term 1st half-term 2020

Great fire of London (Y1/2)

Local History (Y3/4)

To infinity…..and beyond (Y5/6)

Autumn term 2nd half-term 2019

I’m an evacuee….get me out of here (Y5/6)

Stone Age (Y3/4)