Rainbow Class

18th October 2021

This week as part of our ‘marvellous me’ topic we have been busy painting self portraits, taking the time to carefully look in the mirror to see what we look like to select the colours we need. We have also been using the paint programme on the computer to draw ourselves, using the mouse to select the pen and colours we need to make our face and drawn pictures of our families. Here are some pictures below of our work!

12th October 2021

In the Rainbow Class this week we have been busy using the new sounds we have learnt to read words. We have also been playing games to practice taking turns. The children have enjoyed experimenting outside making volcanoes using vinegar and baking powder and we have all painted our own self portrait and talked about how we are all different and special. In PE we have been finding different parts of our bodies to balance on!

4th October 2021

This week in phonics we have learnt the letters ‘t’ and ‘p’ and the sounds they make, and used ‘Metal Mike’ to help us orally segment words. The children have been developing their gross motor skills and enjoyed using the climbing equipment during PE!

This week we have been…

We have been busy sorting objects in maths, finding objects which are the same and looking at why others are different. The children have loved joining in with the ‘pen disco’ where we have been making our gross motor muscles and fingers strong while making shapes and patterns. We have also begun phonics this week and the children have enjoyed making ‘silly soup’ adding objects with the initial sound ‘s’.

Welcome to the Rainbow Class

Here you will find lots of photographs about your child’s learning journey in Reception! Please keep checking back for updates. We cannot wait to welcome the children into school. Here are some photographs of the Rainbow Classroom!

Autumn 1 – Marvellous me!

This half term in the Sunshine Class our topic is:

Marvellous Me!’ 

Our enquiry question for this topic is:

‘How have you changed?’ 

Our key learning this half term will include:

Starting school/new beginnings 

Ourselves and our family 

What I am good at?

How the outdoors is changing?

God’s wonderful world 

Our local area 

People who help us/People who Jesus helped 

Keeping healthy – the human body 

We will also learn our new classroom routines to help us to settle in to school life.

Welcome to the Rainbow Class page

Here you will find lots of photographs about your child’s learning journey in Reception! Please keep checking back for updates.

This year in the Rainbow Class, the children will be working with the following wonderful support staff: Mrs Hollings-Tennant and Mrs Beck.

Mrs Beck will be teaching the Sunshine Class on Thursdays. 

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mrs Griffith

Reading video

Below is a video modelling how to use the reading books at home with your child.

Useful Information and Links

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Jolly Phonics songs – The jolly phonics songs in order

Geraldine the Giraffe – Videos introducing the letter sounds

TopMarks Maths – There are lots of different games to play with a variety of Maths links. This half term we are focusing on numbers, counting, ordering and sequencing.

Letterjoin – Handwriting activities. Parents have the login to access this site.