PE and Sport Premium Funding 2021-2022


For many years we have worked hard to ensure that all our children have access to a varied and exciting programme of sport and P.E., both in school lessons and via the extra-curricular programme we offer. This was recognised in 2018-2019, 2019-2020 and 2020-21 when we received the “Sainsbury’s School Games Platinum Award.” This is a very prestigious award, achieved by only a few schools in the County, that recognises the impact of our sports provision across the school community.

Our children enjoy participation and competition – they work hard and recognise that keeping fit and healthy is a life-long goal. Our P.E. curriculum is broad and balanced, our range of clubs is extensive, we ‘signpost’ talented individuals to different provision and we enter local, regional and national competitions when we can – often successfully.

As a school community we were delighted when the Government announced that every primary school in the country would receive a substantial (and ring-fenced) sum of money that must be used to raise levels of participation and enable all children to make life-long positive choices.

This year (2021/22) our school plans to use the funding (c£18610 per annum).

  • Focus on learning in the outdoors, we are entering into a partnership with Big Adventure and they will be providing a range of opportunities and activities for our children. Big Adventure has an excellent reputation locally for Outdoor Education and we believe this partnership can create a lasting legacy in school. (Cost Sept 2021 – Aug 2022 £3000 contract + £1000 incidental expenses eg transport, helmet hire etc)
  • Join the Bay Leadership Academy Sports Partnership to enable as many of our children as possible to enjoy participation in a broad range of competitions. This includes in-house sessions for all children in KS1 developing fundamental movement skills (Cost Sept 2021 – Aug 2021 £1150)
  • Enjoyaball sessions for EYFS/KS1 children to encourage the development of Fundamental Movement Skills. (Cost £2000 Sep 2021 – Aug 2022)
  • Broaden access to swimming (in partnership with the school’s PTA) – all our KS2, KS1 and Foundation Stage children will have some swimming experience at Carnforth Pool during this school year.
  • Our Year 5 children will have access to a one night residential visit to Coniston. (Net subsidy c£300)
  • Continue with the one week residential outdoor and adventurous activity visit to the Isle of Man for our Year 6 children.  (Net subsidy c£1000)
  • Welcome coaches from local clubs into school to provide extra opportunities for children at cricket – including Lancashire Cricket Board membership enabling access to competitions, locally and regionally.  (Total cost: £650)
  • Bikeability training for Y5 and Y6 non-cyclists plus ‘Learn to Cycle’ for EYFS children.
  • Additional school resources / charges  (£1000)
  • Provide staff training in the implementation of the (Sept 2014) National Curriculum for P.E. to ensure that our children continue to access high quality provision. This focus on staff professional development means that we have the capacity to continue to improve in a sustainable way. (Total training costs: £2100 incl supply cover)


  • All children have had the opportunity to swim – for a number this was their first swimming session / lesson. This continued provision will enable more children to be safe and confident in the water.
  • Our new track has encouraged children to be more active at playtimes and lunchtimes, as well as being a resource to enable children to learn more effectively using the outside provision. Run-a-mile initiatives have led children to a heightened understanding of how to stay fit and healthy.
  • Targeted groups of children (including those who generate Pupil Premium funding) have attended a range of additional clubs and activities (jujitsu, outdoor education) and their awareness of physical fitness and health has been enhanced.
  • Staff across the school have a greater understanding of teaching and learning in gym, dance, swimming and outdoor education. This builds capacity for the future.
  • PE lessons are active, engaging and challenging.  The children follow an agreed programme of learning and all are encouraged to achieve well.
  • For a detailed analysis of the whole-school impact of PE and Sport Premium funding, click the link – AFBE Document 2021-2022
  • Please click the link to view the schools PE Policy for September 2021