Rainbow Class

Trip to Williamson Park

On Monday the Rainbow Class went on a trip to Williamson Park.  We begun the day by visiting the small mammals and reptiles, we loved seeing the meerkats!  Then we had a play on the park with our friends sliding, swinging and climbing.  After lunch we went into the butterfly house, a butterfly tried to land on Mrs Hollings-Tennant.  Finally we went to handle some minibeasts, we met a giant snail called ‘Big Gary’, a snake called Strawberry and some hissing cockroaches.  We had a fantastic day and the children were very well behaved – well done!

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Welcome to Rainbow Class!

Mrs Griffith and Mrs Squires send a warm welcome to all parents, grandparents, friends and family! We are supported in our class by our wonderful teaching assistants Mrs Hollings-Tennant and Mrs Birnie. Our door is always open for any questions or concerns you may have.