Extended Services


Bolton-le-Sands Primary School, in partnership with all the primary and secondary schools in the Carnforth district, has recently consulted parents on the ways in which we can meet the requirements of the ‘extended services core offer’.

It is our shared goal to ensure that all the families within our area will have access to a broad range of extended services including:

  • 8.00am – 6.00pm child care, all year round (if required) offering a range of activities for young people including music, sport, and holiday activities.
  • A varied menu of activities beyond school hours including study support, homework clubs, sport, music, art and crafts etc.
  • Swift and easy referral to a wide range of specialist support services (for example: speech therapy, child and adolescent mental health services etc.)
  • Support for parents, including parenting classes, family learning, information sessions etc.
  • Community use of the range of facilities across the Carnforth district including community access to ICT facilities, Arts facilities, Sports facilities etc.
    Parents and carers will be pleased to note that the Local Authority have agreed that the range of services offered by our school has enabled to us to meet the ‘core offer’ of extended services.