Thy Kingdom Come – Year 3 and 4

On Thursday 17th May, Classes 6, 7 and 8 had a special day of learning about the struggles Christian’s face around the world.

Class 6 focused on North Korea. Class 7 focused on Somalia. Class 8 focused on Iran.

The morning was spent learning about the Geography and History of each country. We then moved on to learn about ‘Persecution’ – how Christian’s are bullied for what they believe in. We then learnt about what life might be like for Christians in our chosen country. Finally, we wrote prayers and prayed for our chosen country.

We then prepared an assembly to share with everyone at Church.

In the afternoon we walked down to Church and we each took turns to introduce our country, explain the hardships of Christians in the country, sang a hymn and then shared in prayer for our country.

We were joined by Rev. Nancy and family members at Church.

Here are some pictures of the special day.