This week we have been learning all about the Easter Story. We have been doing lots of activities based around this, we even got to meet a real life lamb thanks to Mrs. and Mr. Straker, the children really enjoyed this!

We have had a term filled with lots of learning and excitement and we hope you have a lovely break.

The EYFS team.


Mini beast day! Here are some pictures from our minibeast day. The children learnt lots about all the different minibeasts and got to hold some too.

To start our minibeast topic of we went on a minibeast hunt and found lots of different min beasts around school. We use magnifying glasses to help us. We observed the different animals and also drew observational drawings of them and the signs of spring.


This half term we have started to learn about dinosaurs! We discovered that a dinosaur had been in our classrooms and had left a map. We followed the map to find a dinosaur egg that had hatched with a baby dinosaur inside. We are keeping them inside our classrooms to look after them.

We have shared all of our knowledge about dinosaurs together as lots of us are dinosaurs experts! We have learnt about how long ago dinosaurs were alive by creating a timeline.

We have discovered what fossils are and found out about Mary Anning the paleontologist and how she changed the world.

In Math’s we have focused on adding numbers to make 7 and 8.

Here are some pictures from world book day. Class 10 and 11 came to read stories based on the author Julia Donaldson.