Hot and Cold countries

We have been on an adventure to Africa, focusing on all the different animals we might come across, our binoculars really helped us to find them! We read the story of Handa’s Surprise which we discovered new fruits we didn’t know about. In our painting areas we had a go at mixing the right colours for the different fruits. We also used our fine motor skills to make African bracelets and necklaces. The next week was very busy, we visited the polar regions. We packed our suitcase with the right clothes that we would need to keep us warm. We researched how animals stay warm in such cold temperatures and found out they have blubber! We then investigated whether it really does keep you warm or not by trying the blubber glove in very cold water! Another investigation that we tried was how to melt the ice and save the penguins that were stuck inside! Our Maths focused on weighing different objects to see which was heavier or lighter.

In RE we looked at all of Gods creations, where we found ourselves on an adventure around the school grounds we found lots of magnificent things!