STEM Space Workshop

This week, Years 5 & 6 welcomed Dr. Irene Wise, from Lancaster University, to lead them in a Space themed workshop.

We looked at the problems faced by the crew of Apollo 13, and tried to work out how to solve it using a plastic box, a rubber tube, a plastic bag, cardboard and tape!

We also made a new material that could be used in Space – slime!

Using the slime and other materials, we designed and made prototype landing pod to safely land an astronaut (jelly baby) onto the surface of Mars.

Marvellous Morecambe Homework

Over the past few weeks, the children have been producing a variety of homework based around our topic of Marvellous Morecambe. Here are some pictures of a few examples, They include a beach in a box, a puppet show, a Victorian doll’s house, a Victorian wooden toy and a Victorian costume.

Sports Week

What a busy week! As well as our trip on Monday, we have been participating in all sorts of sports and activities this week, as well as Sports Day on Thursday. We have participated in Football, Tag Rugby, Korfball, Street Dance and Jujitsu!